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Managing Director

Peter has been delivering comprehensive health and fitness packages to businesses across Australia since 1995. Prior to this, Peter was a professional triathlete representing Australia in the 1990 Commonwealth Games and in the '92 and '93 World Triathlon Champs. In 1993 he was inducted into the Australian Triathlon Association Role of Honour.


This passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle informed Peter's vision to provide innovative health and wellness solutions to many - not just elite athletes through his company.​'In 2006 Peter  received a 40 under 40 Award in recognition of his business leadership and commercial achievement in WA. Fortunately, it is not just the corporate market who is benefitting from Peter's ability to find wellness solutions.  

This vision extends beyond the corporate market and Health and Fitness studio. The variety of wellness and fitness solutions offered at Trench Health and Fitness studio are testimony to the company slogan and Peter's passion to  give any interested person a chance to improve their health and quality of life.  And this vision extends beyond the corporate market and Health and Fitness studio.  In  2003, Peter was one of the founding members of the  'Hawaiian Ride for Youth' a 700km multi-day cycle aimed to raise funds and awareness for Youth Focus. While cycling through towns in WA, approximately 240 riders visit high schools to engage students on issues of youth suicide, depression, anxiety and self-harm.


During the 20 year journey Peter has not only led many pelotons and raised funds - but also has trained and mentored over 600 riders who have raised over $30 million dollars for this vital cause.


Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Accredited Sports Scientist


Accredited Exercise Physiologist
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What our clients say about us...

Jenn Morris, 48.
Lost 20kgs in 20 weeks!

"I am very grateful to the team at Trench Health."

"I have been around sport and a healthy life all of my life but in the last few years I really had let it slip. I needed to get back on track. 


I found the dedicated program I needed with Peter Trench and his team at Trench Health. Dr Emily Calton provided a food plan, Henry Morley designed a strength program, and Peter managed my overall program. The outcomes have been awesome. Back to fighting weight, good fitness levels, less body pain and increased mobility and functionality. I have my mojo back!"

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