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Take your cycling performance from AVERAGE to AMAZING with the Trench Cycling Program!

Trench offers professional-level testing by our cycling strength and conditioning coaches. This will help improve your speed, strength and overall performance.

Description & Sessions
Road Cycling Program
3 Road Sessions Per Week
$185 per month
Road Cycling Program
2 Road Sessions Per Week
$125 per month
Road Cycling Program
1:1 Coaching
$100 per hour
Wattbike Theatre Sessions
2 Sessions Per Week
$30 each
Wattbike Theatre Sessions
1 Session Per Week
$40 each
Vo2 Max Testing
Ramp Test
Biomechanical Test
$120 (rebate may apply)
Prehab / Rehab Programs
$120 (rebate may apply)
1:1 Strength and Conditioning Training
$99 per hour
Training Peaks Coaching Program
$100 per month


Trench road cycling program is offered throughout the year for beginners to competitive cyclists. ​The focus of our training is a combination of improvement in aerobic fitness and strength, together with correct cycling technique for different conditions and terrain. Every training session will depart from Trench Health and Fitness. 

Cycling Program Timetable

Trench Health and Fitness Cycling squad being trained by cycling coach Peter Trench- also managaging Director
5:30 - 7:00 am
Form Ride which will include a skill component during each session. Skills include cornering, descending, climbing, sprints, strength, power, time trial.
5:30 - 7:00 am
Interval based power/threshold session.
6:00 - 9:00 am
Longer ride program including hill training
Weekly personal training strength and flexibility for cycling session with Trench strength and conditioning coach, Henry Morley.
Weekly 1 hour Wattbike Session.
Free gym
($60 for cycling strength program). Make an appointment for an assessment/program.

Trench Cycling Services

VO2max TESTING This gold standard test is the most comprehensive test to analyse your cardiovascular fitness. Our testing gives you a definitive indication of where your aerobic capability lies. When embarking upon any fitness, weight- loss or improving general health, having a baseline with which to assess your progress is essential.  The testing process takes 45-60 minutes and determines both your heart rate and power thresholds, your training zones, and assessment of your pedal trace.

RAMP TEST Similar to the VO2 max test without the analysis of your respiratory rate. The ramp test provides you with an accurate analysis of your actual relative VO2max.  The process takes 45 minutes and determines your thresholds, training zones and pedalling efficiency.

WATT BIKE THEATRE SESSIONS  Structured, targeted sessions to improve all aspects of your cycling related fitness and biomechanics. Information from initial testing will be used to construct personalised training sessions. Expect an improvement in: - Pedalling efficiency - Posture - Strength and Endurance - Anaerobic fitness - VO2max - Neuromuscular Power

BIOMECHANICAL ASSESSMENT AND STRENGTH PROGRAM  ​Aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses throughout your body both in strength and flexibility. This is a guided observational analysis of a series of functional movement assessments. This analysis forms the basis for the development of an individual's strength and conditioning program.

TRAINING PEAKS Training Peaks is an online and mobile coaching program for your personalised training plans. Our coaches Henry Morley and Peter Trench will create personalised training program, build workout libraries to quickly drag and drop onto your web-based calendars, and adjust your schedules on the fly. Training Peaks will analyse your power, heart rate (HR), and GPS data to give you a full picture of your fitness and improvement over time. The Training Peaks mobile app will give you access to your cycling plan wherever you are. Please note that Training Peaks is an additional cost to our Trench Cycling Program.

EUROPE AND AUSTRALIA GROUP CYCLING TOUR ​Europe and Australian Group Cycling tours including all the preparation and training. For an experience of a lifetime - join one of our Trench Cycling Tours. While seeing different countries in a way you have never viewed them before, you gain fitness while having fun and amazing group camaraderie. Coaches Peter Trench and Henry Morley will ensure you are well-prepared for the tour enabling you to cope with any challenge that may arise.

What our clients say about us...

Dougal Burton 

"Physical activity and general fitness are a very important part of my personal well-being."

Over 10+ years Peter and the Team at Trench Health and Fitness have guided me through specific programs to improve my strength and endurance across multiple disciplines including cycling & swimming. From ongoing testing to identify performance thresholds, gym based strength and conditioning plus diet & weight management I have the support and guidance I need to continue to perform at my best.


Most recently we have been undertaking specific cycling training using the Wattbike facilities which including team sessions to improve threshold performance in preparation for the Tour of Margaret River.

Areas of improvements are quantifiable and this gives great reassurance and focus heading into our first team based cycling race event.'

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