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What is Corporate Health?

In essence, Corporate Wellness Programs are employer-designed plans implemented to improve employees’ physical and mental health.  They can range from full health and wellness programs carried out over the entire year to one off events like expo’s and presentations. How this is implemented and conducted is completely up to the workplace.


Corporate Health programs have a two fold purpose: to encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle by making proactive health-driven choices and to help improve a company’s bottom line by reducing the impact of medical premiums and absenteeism. It's a win-win for employers and employees. 

Sick Leave & Absences


Workers Comp Costs


Disability Management Costs


Return on Investment




Corporate Health FAQs

Why invest in Corporate Health? Studies across the world show that employees living a healthy and active lifestyle enjoy increased energy, concentration, productivity and motivation in the workplace.  They are less prone to illness and injury, are better equipped to cope with stress and accommodate change.

What are the returns for investing in a Corporate Health Program? There is a wealth of evidence indicating that Corporate Health Programs provide an excellent return on investment (ROI).  Research conducted by the Chapman Institute on Workplace Health in Australia cited the following quantitative benefits represented statistically as the outcome (on average) from Corporate Wellness Programs.

Qualitative benefits include: - Improved workplace relations and staff morale - Increased performance and productivity - Improved culture of the organisation and retain existing employees. - Improved organisation's image (recognised as an Employer of Choice), and so attract talented employees.

Where do I start? Knowing what health and wellness services to implement in your work place can be extremely difficult; this is where Trench Health and Fitness can help.  We will tailor a workplace wellness program specific to your organisation’s needs, as we understand each workplace is different and individual and we will work through each step with you. We are not just a service provider, we are a business partner, through staff engagement and constant program review.


Trench Moves Exercise Classes

Trench Health have a wide range of exercise classes that can be run at your workplace, at Trench headquarters, in a nearby park or open space. Our classes offer flexibility and we will ensure each class caters for all participations from beginners to experts.  Our staff are all experienced tertiary trained Exercise Physiologists, qualified in managing and understanding an individual's needs and issues including injuries and health conditions. 



Trench can offer on-site Pilates classes all conducted by professional and experienced Pilates instructors. This is a great starting point for introducing classes and exercise into your wellness program or workplace. Participants can except to gain strength and flexibility and also feel more relaxed after several Pilates sessions.



If your workplace is looking for a real explosion of endorphins and gaining a fitness edge - this might be the class to choose. This high intensity interval class of 60 minutes is perfect for those interested in improving their overall strength and fitness and a reasonable level of fitness is required for it.


This class is the ultimate way for your workplace to exercise, socialise and de-stress all at the same time. All levels of fitness are catered for in these 60 minute classes which are designed to burn calories, improve  fitness and start getting some muscle definition! So participants can expect to sweat!

Boxing class.jpg


Join the revolution and have Zumba classes conducted at your workplace. Our instructors are full of enthusiasm and emphasise making the classes fun and inviting for all fitness levels. Zumba is an excellent way to burn many calories in a fun and social environment.

yoga class.jpg


Yoga is a great class to help promote happier and healthier life through a system of active stretching, breathing and relaxing. Yoga develops strength, tone and flexibility in the body; it releases stress and brings a sense of calm and quiet to the mind. Yoga classes are an excellent addition to any workplace wellness plan or as a stand-alone service to your employees.

tai chi.jpg


Tai chi is a low impact exercise class for those wanting a relaxing but challenging class. These classes make for an effective lunch time exercise opportunity as participants won’t work up a big sweat and can easily slip back into work without the need of a cool down and shower.


Healthy Heart Checks

The Healthy Heart Check program from Trench Health and Fitness is designed to educate employees about their risk of cardiovascular disease. The program looks at who is at risk and why; as well as explaining what they can do to reduce their chance of developing potentially life-threatening diseases and improve their results.

How healthy is your workplace?

The Healthy Heart program explores a number of key areas including:

  • Cholesterol and  Glucose (sugars)

  • Blood Pressure

  • Exercise

  • Smoking

  • Nutrition

  • Obesity

  • Stress Levels

  • Sleep

Through education and coaching, employees are encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle to improve their physiological and emotional health.


The program commences with a comprehensive heart check (see the two options available below). 


Each employee is privately assessed to determine their individual risk, and if conducted as part of an all encompassing workplace program a tailored exercise or lifestyle program is developed to improve their long-term health.

Healthy Heart Options

We offer the choice of a 30 minute Health Heart check or a more comprehensive 60 minute lifestyle assessment.

Healthy Heart Check_edited.png

Flu Vaccinations

With each case of influenza resulting in an average of 3 days absence from work and 5-6 days of restricted activity, organisations are being encouraged to offer Flu Vaccinations to their staff. 

Trench Health and Fitness On-site Employee Flu Vaccination Program

Implementing an Employee Influenza Prevention Program at your workplace is simple and easily done with Trench. Trench will take care of all promotional materials from workplace posters and emails through to online booking systems, allowing everything to tie in and work with no fuss or stress to you.  We are also able to provide Flu Vaccination vouchers for employees to redeem at a number of clinics across WA, allowing maximum participation by all staff including shift workers.

Program Includes:

vaccination at work.jpg
  • Simple and Easy to use online booking system.

  • Flu vaccination shot for each staff member.

  • Ongoing liaison – including step by step ‘on the day’ procedures and vaccination consent forms.

  • Professional Vaccinator Accredited Nursing Staff.

  • Supply and appropriate disposal of medical equipment.

  • Professional delivery of the service with use of mercury free vaccines.


Skin Checks for Cancer Detection

Trench has a fantastic business relationship with a WA based skin screening organisation that provides excellence in skin cancer detection and prevention. 

Our providers use state-of-the-art technology to identify and map lesions on each patient.  This superior technology enables their practitioners to identify skin changes on a sub-surface level, increasing their ability to identify melanomas and other skin cancers at a very early stage. Skin cancers are generally categorised into three common types;

  1. Melanoma 

  2. Basal Cell Carcinoma

  3. Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

A fourth category is also identified as Pre-Cancerous Solar Keratosis.

Skin Checks for your Workplace

Trench Health will arrange all the details to ensure the onsite testing at your workplace is conducted with minimal impact to your organisation and without issues; including securing screening times/days, design of promotional material, an online booking system and post screening reports. Each standard consultation lasting approximately 15 minutes, means employee downtime is minimised so there is very little disruption to the organisation.


Each individual receives a comprehensive report upon completion, and your company will receive a final risk assessment report detailing the results of group screenings and identifies any areas of risk that may require immediate action.


Wellness Coaching

1-on-1 Wellness Coaching: 

60 minutes = $120 

Trench Health's Wellness Coaching uses evidence based techniques including coaching and positive psychology,  to individually assist employees in attaining optimal health and wellbeing.

Individual consultations allow you the opportunity to discuss personal health and fitness goals.


What is Wellness Coaching? Trench Health's Wellness Coaching uses evidence based techniques including coaching and positive psychology,  to individually assist employees in attaining optimal health and wellbeing. The one-on-one wellness coaching consultations will include the use of goal settings as they focus on mental and physical behaviour changes, nutrition, exercise, weight and stress management.

Why Wellness Coaching? A high quality wellness coaching service - Trench Health can bring substantial benefits to both the individual employees as well as the organisation. Benefits from Wellness Coaching can help reduce health risks including high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and assist in achieving a balanced BMI and waist measurement. In Australia, the incidence of chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol is steadily rising, therefore intervention can be critically important to reduce this likelihood. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare - 50% of Australians are estimated to have at least one of these 8 selected chronic conditions in 2018: cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental health conditions, arthritis, back pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and diabetes. Wellness coaching is a relatively simple, but highly effective tool to use in the workplace to improve the health and wellness of your employees.

What assessments might be necessary? Key health measurements available include glucose (HbA1c) and cholesterol testing; body composition using the gold standard DEXA measurement; Strength; Balance and Fitness Testing (VO2max, RAMP or Aerobic Test). Having a set of baseline measurements allows us to track your progress and share your successes.


Corporate Gym Management

With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, Trench Health and Fitness has gained an enviable reputation as a pioneer and industry leader in the design, development and management of Corporate Gyms in Perth.

Gym Development Thorough in our approach, Trench will gather comprehensive information to ensure complete synergy between the facility features, your organisation, employee health and fitness goals, and financial interests.

Trench Moves Trench Health have a wide range of exercise classes that can be run at your workplace or in a nearby park or open space. All our classes offer flexibility and cater for all levels. Classes are run by experienced tertiary qualified Exercise Physiologists who can work with participants through their health issues or goals. Click here to view our current classes.

Gym Management Trench Health appoints one of our experienced Exercise Physiologist to oversee your corporate gym. Their duties include developing: - Gym management systems - Equipment management systems - Gym policies and procedures - Gym operational systems - Gym marketing systems - Ongoing promotions and incentive programs - Reporting systems - Key performance indicators

Gym Design Trench Health can assist your company to design a workplace gym facility from the ground up. We will assist you through the process from initial concept to becoming fully operational. This includes: - Facility Layout - Facility Fit-out - Fitness Equipment Selection - Fitness Equipment Installation - Audio-Visual Requirements - Security considerations - Space Requirements

Individual Fitness programs and Personal Training Trench Health can develop a customised fitness program based on each staff member’s current individual health profile, to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. This can be carried out as an optional extra, where each employee participates on a user pay basis or it can be integrated as part of the gym management program. The process includes:​ - Initial fitness appraisal - Individual fitness program development - Gym supervision


Injury Prevention at Work

Trench Health Injury Prevention Programs are delivered by University qualified Exercise Physiologists and will address a number of strategies to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) in employees as a result of ergonomics and undertaking manual tasks at work.


This comprehensive program minimises injury risk through preventative measures such as identifying and reducing contributing factors, workstation ergonomic modifications, promoting ideal posture, function, and manual handling practices.


Injury Prevention Programs

ERGONOMIC CHECKS Office work is often thought to be a relatively ‘safe’ field of employment, however with an ever-increasing change in the range of jobs, technology, and work environments, thousands of workers and employers suffer the consequences of workplace injuries annually. Trench Health and Fitness have trained Exercise Physiologists that can come into your workplace and go through a complete workstation ergonomic checklist as well as educate and train your staff on correct office techniques. This can all be conducted quite literally at the employee’s desk. Staff will also be left with a wallet sized card of relevant office stretches and exercises. Training elements include: - Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders - Office-related risk factors - Correct workstation set-up

MANUAL HANDLING Trench Health and Fitness have a full manual handling and training program that we can deliver to your employees. Our training program includes both a theory and practical components to ensure your employees are fully qualified and equipped in safe manual handling practices with job tasks. We will also tailor our program to suit your company and specific job tasks related to your workforce. LEARNING OUTCOMES - Identify tasks and hazards that could be a potential risk for injury. - Identify and have an understanding of some of the common workplace injuries that may occur. - Implement injury prevention techniques, such as work-specific stretching and correct lifting techniques. THEORY COMPONENTS - 4 steps for assessing risk before conducting a manual handling task. - 4 steps to safe lifting and carrying techniques (individual and team). - How best to set up workstations to prevent manual handling and musculoskeletal disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). - Influence nutrition has in the prevention of injuries. - Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type (FITT) Principle. - Common sites of workplace injuries and stretches to avoid them. PRACTICAL COMPONENTS - Participants to demonstrate correct lifting techniques. - Participants engage and demonstrate a number of stretches/exercises that can help prevent injuries of the ankle, neck, back, knee, and shoulder.

STAFF TOOL BOX MEETINGS If you have regular staff tool box meetings, why not invite one of our qualified Exercise Physiologists to come and have a 5 minute chat on a variety of health topics or conduct a pre-work warm up and stretching session. Our staff are engaging and adaptable and they know how to relate to different workplace environments. Tool Box Meetings are also a great way to promote and build awareness in your staff about the health and wellness program in your workplace.

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