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How Healthy is your workplace?

The Healthy Heart Check program from Trench Health and Fitness is designed to educate employees about their risk of cardiovascular disease. The program looks at who is at risk and why; as well as explaining what they can do to reduce their chance of developing potentially life-threatening diseases and improve their results.

The Healthy Heart program explores a number of key areas including:

  • Cholesterol and  Glucose (sugars)

  • Blood Pressure

  • Exercise

  • Smoking

  • Nutrition

  • Obesity

  • Stress Levels

  • Sleep


Through education and coaching, employees are encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle to improve their physiological and emotional health.


The program commences with a comprehensive heart check (see the two options available below). 


Each employee is privately assessed to determine their individual risk, and if conducted as part of an all encompassing workplace program a tailored exercise or lifestyle program is developed to improve their long-term health.

Healthy Heart Options

We offer the choice of a 30 minute Health Heart check or a more comprehensive 60 minute lifestyle assessment.

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