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Workplace Flu Vaccinations

With each case of influenza resulting in an average of 3 days absence from work and 5-6 days of restricted activity, organisations are being encouraged to offer Flu Vaccinations to their staff. 

Trench Health and Fitness On-site Employee Flu Vaccination Program

Implementing an Employee Influenza Prevention Program at your workplace is simple and easily done with Trench. Trench will take care of all promotional materials from workplace posters and emails through to online booking systems, allowing everything to tie in and work with no fuss or stress to you.  We are also able to provide Flu Vaccination vouchers for employees to redeem at a number of clinics across WA, allowing maximum participation by all staff including shift workers.


Program Includes:

  • Simple and Easy to use online booking system.

  • Flu vaccination shot for each staff member.

  • Ongoing liaison – including step by step ‘on the day’ procedures and vaccination consent forms.

  • Professional Vaccinator Accredited Nursing Staff.

  • Supply and appropriate disposal of medical equipment.

  • Professional delivery of the service with use of mercury free vaccines.

Asian man getting vaccinated
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