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Exercise Class




Trench can offer on-site Pilates classes all conducted by professional and experienced Pilates instructors. This is a great starting point for introducing classes and exercise into your wellness program or workplace. Participants can except to gain strength and flexibility and also feel more relaxed after several Pilates sessions.


Trench Health have a wide range of exercise classes that can be run at your workplace, at Trench headquarters, in a nearby park or open space. Our classes offer flexibility and we will ensure each class caters for all participations from beginners to experts.  Our staff are all experienced tertiary trained Exercise Physiologists, qualified in managing and understanding an individual's needs and issues including injuries and health conditions. 



If your workplace is looking for a real explosion of endorphins and gaining a fitness edge - this might be the class to choose. This high intensity interval class of 60 minutes is perfect for those interested in improving their overall strength and fitness and a reasonable level of fitness is required for it.

Boxing class.jpg


This class is the ultimate way for your workplace to exercise, socialise and de-stress all at the same time. All levels of fitness are catered for in these 60 minute classes which are designed to burn calories, improve  fitness and start getting some muscle definition! So participants can expect to sweat!


Join the revolution and have Zumba classes conducted at your workplace. Our instructors are full of enthusiasm and emphasise making the classes fun and inviting for all fitness levels. Zumba is an excellent way to burn many calories in a fun and social environment.

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Yoga is a great class to help promote happier and healthier life through a system of active stretching, breathing and relaxing. Yoga develops strength, tone and flexibility in the body; it releases stress and brings a sense of calm and quiet to the mind. Yoga classes are an excellent addition to any workplace wellness plan or as a stand-alone service to your employees.


Tai chi is a low impact exercise class for those wanting a relaxing but challenging class. These classes make for an effective lunch time exercise opportunity as participants won’t work up a big sweat and can easily slip back into work without the need of a cool down and shower.

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