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Jenn Morris

Jess Wilder

17 Mar 2023

I am very appreciative and grateful to the team at Trench Health.

I have been around sport and a healthy life all of my life but in the last few years I really had let it slip. I needed to get back on track. The extra weight, lack of movement, combined with a body that was dealing with the impact from some previous serious knee and back injuries, meant I needed a dedicated program with the right level of qualified and caring staff.

I found this in Peter Trench and his team at Trench Health. I have been an elite athlete in a former life, so whilst I had a good idea of what I needed to do, I wanted an informed program to prioritise my road back. What was that?

A food plan that worked for me. An exercise regime that my body could cope with. And importantly, a corrective strength program that focused on the needs and challenges of my body.

So that was Dr Emily Calton (clinical dietitian) guiding my food program and providing expert advice. Henry Morley (exercise physiologist) designing a strength program that made me stronger but importantly got the right functional movement back into my body. And Peter himself managing my overall program, including my cycling program from individual rides to now group rides with excellent coaches and the greatest group of people I now ride with.

The outcomes have been awesome. Back to fighting weight, good fitness levels, less body pain and increased mobility and functionality.

And I am not overstating it when I say that all of that has made me a much happier person; I have my mojo back, not to mention my health too!

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