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Opening Times

Monday to Thursday 6am to 8pm.
Friday 6am to 2pm       
Saturday 6am to 12pm

'Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going'  

We all know that being physically active and eating a healthy diet will improve our health and keep us in shape. Some of us are already fairly active - but can't find the motivation to change our routine or try to increase or improve on what we are doing. It's difficult trying to navigate these changes all alone and sometimes all you need is some professional input to get you going!

Trench Health and Fitness have a team of caring professionals, who will listen to you, assess what it is you want to achieve, help to get you started and walk the journey with you. We align your plan with yours, not anybody else, before long you will start to see the results your looking for.

Trench Health and Fitness offers a wide range of services, including a number of wellness, fitness, nutrition and performance solutions. If you want to know more about how your body works and how best to achieve health and sporting goals, we have a comprehensive range of tests available with one right just for you. Our staff are experts so you can relax knowing your in safe hands. 

At Trench Health and Fitness we plan to keep you accountable to your health and wellness goals, whilst learning along the way.  Whether that is to lose weight, tone up, de-stress or just have more energy - talk to us. We will guide you through an existing health and wellness program or create a tailored program just for you.


We have a range of services on offer, whether you want to become a gym only member, a circuit attendee, Building Bones participant or be trained one-on-one with on our Exercise Physiologists, - the choice is yours.

If you can't make up your mind, we can help guide you with whats best for you. The daily group fitness classes range from Mixed Advanced Circuit classes in the morning, ladies-only classes mid morning, Mixed Circuit classes in the evening and of course an abundance of Building Bones classes in the morning, evenings and on Saturdays. The class time-table can be seen below. Click here if you want a downloadable version to print. 


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Click to Download Circuit Payment form here

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