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What is Corporate Health?

Iessence, Corporate Wellness Programs are employer-designed plans implemented to improve employees’ physical and mental health.  They can range from full health and wellness programs carried out over the entire year to one off events like expo’s and presentations. How this is implemented and conducted is completely up to the workplace.


Corporate Health programs have a two fold purpose: to encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle by making proactive health-driven choices and to help improve a company’s bottom line by reducing the impact of medical premiums and absenteeism. It's a win-win for employers and employees. 

Why invest in Corporate Health?

Studies across the world show that employees living a healthy and active lifestyle enjoy increased energy, concentration, productivity and motivation in the workplace.  They are less prone to illness and injury, are better equipped to cope with stress and accommodate change. 


What are the returns for investing in a Corporate Health Program?

There is a wealth of evidence indicating that Corporate Health Programs provide an excellent return on investment (ROI).  Research conducted by the Chapman Institute on Workplace Health in Australia cited the following quantitative benefits represented statistically as the outcome (on average) from Corporate Wellness Programs.






Qualitative benefits include:

  • Improved workplace relations and staff morale

  • Increased performance and productivity

  • Improved culture of the organisation and retain existing employees.

  • Improved organisation's image (recognised as an Employer of Choice), and so attract talented employees. 




Where do I start?

Knowing what health and wellness services to implement in your work place can be extremely difficult; this is where Trench Health and Fitness can help.  We will tailor a workplace wellness program specific to your organisation’s needs, as we understand each workplace is different and individual and we will work through each step with you. We are not just a service provider, we are a business partner, through staff engagement and constant program review.


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