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Phil Cousins

Daniel Williams

21 Mar 2023

I dodged a Bullet and life is good.

I thought I was bullet proof, then Prostate Cancer Raised Its Head...

It’s one thing to get a diagnosis of prostate cancer but then to be told by your surgeon he wants you to lose 10kg before he will operate is quite confronting and daunting.

I was directed to Trench Health and Fitness and introduced to Dr Emily Calton.

She told me we were going to follow the V L C D (very low-calorie diet) program. I had heard of this as the shake diet and immediately thought how am I going to survive on this. Once Emily explained how it worked, I said I can do this, it won’t be easy, but it is doable.

Yes, there are sacrifices you must make, like no alcohol, bread and all carbohydrates, fruit and root vegetables. But you can eat plenty of other vegetables, limited protein, being steak, chicken and fish. This is all on top of the 3 VLCD products you must eat each day which provides you with the necessary dietary supplements. You will lose energy, but this is a small price to pay as you watch the scales go down towards your target weight.

Emily was fantastic in her guidance and her knowledge.

I also took advantage of having the before, during and after Dexa Scans to check my progress which encourages you to keep on target after seeing the results from the scan.

Stay focused and diligent and you will achieve your goal. I’m now on the maintenance program to maintain weight loss.

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