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Health Checks - A Successful Outcome

I want to go on record with a big thank you for the opportunity to participate in the in-house blood tests.

I want to encourage other guys 45+ to get this check done.

My blood test came up with an elevated PSA reading and a recommendation that I should follow up with my own GP.

He then checked out my prostrate, discovered an irregularity and sent me off to a specialist.

About the same time I had noticed that my visits to the toilet were becoming more often, but I was not emptying my bladder completely. These frequent visits were happening both during the day and through the night.

The specialist booked me in for a biopsy and, although there was nothing ‘sinister’, he recommended a procedure  known as a TURP which widens the urinary passage. I had the surgery on a Tuesday, spent some recovery time in hospital  up to the Friday and, after passing the ‘test’ of passing sufficient urine and not retaining more than a set level, I spent another two weeks recovering at home. I was up and moving around but just had to avoid any ‘vigorous’ activity.

I have a review with specialist coming up. I need to keep an eye open and follow up in about 5 years time.

Guys, don’t stick your head in the sand! Don’t be a macho fool. I now feel 100 percent.

Mike Miller.

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